Wound Case Study using Laser Therapy

Stan 19 year old gelding slipped over on concrete surface and cut his left hock. The wound on the point of hock was deep to the superficial bursa of the hock joint and there was infection risk to the joint. Following veterinary advice Stan received antibiotics for 3 weeks so joint infection did not occur. However, the wound was not closing and granulation tissue (also called 'proud flesh') was significant.

Wound 4 weeks old before laser therapy 

This photo shows the wound at 4 weeks old before the first laser treatment. You can see the granulation tissue as pale pink surrounding the centre of the wound.

Wound 24 hours after laser

This is the wound 24 hours after the first laser treatment. The wound has reduced in size and the granulation tissue as regressed.

Wound 7 weeks old - after 3 laser treatments

This is the wound 3 weeks and 3 laser treatments later. There is only a small amount of granulation tissue and the wound is nearly closed from underneath. No further treatment was required and, following a rehabiliation programme, Stan returned to full work.

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