Horses did not evolve specifically to carry a rider's weight and so their musculoskeletal systemy. is vulnerable to injury.

Your horse is a master at altering its movement when it feels uncomfortable either due to a sudden injury (acute) or a longstanding issue (chronic). As a results muscles can go into spasm and/or misalignments in the spine and pelvis can occur.

Common signs include:

  • uneven, irregular action
  • uneven wear of shoes or hooves
  • sore or 'cold' backs
  • stiffness after a fall or injury
  • discomfort from ill-fitting tack
  • poor performance
  • asymmetry - stiffnes on one rein or disunited canter
  • unexplained resistances such as rearing, refusing or bucking
  • uneven muscle development
  • uncharacteristic changes in behaviour or temperament

Resistance horse ridden



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