Remedial Exercise

Remedial Exercise Programmes designed to optimise your animal's receovery

Horse Long reining for gait re-education

When appropriate a remedial exercise programme will be designed to optimise your animal's recovery and to prevent re-injury.

This may include improving muscle strength, suppleness, proprioception, posture and gait re-education.

The owner’s individual requirements regarding any competitions, for example, are always taken into account.


Some exercises are equine specific such as long reining and/or lunging for gait re-education, posture and muscle strength. Long reining is also particularly useful if exercise on a circle should be avoided.

Horse lunging in Pessoa to improve core strength
Dog on wobble cushtion to improve proprioception and core stability

Canine patients can benefit from a variety of remedial exercises such as slow lead walking for muscle strength and straightness to the use of a wobble board or cushion to improve propriception and core strength. This exercise is particulary effective for post operative cases.






 McTimoney Animal Association

 National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists

International Equine Body Workers Association