McTimoney Therapy

Like people, animals suffer from back, neck and pelvic problems.

The McTimoney approach to manipulation is to realign and balance the animal’s musculoskeletal system. The therapy was developed in 1950s by chiropractor John McTimoney who modified his human technique specifically for animals.

An animal will alter its movement when injuries, either sudden (acute) or longstanding (chronic) occur. Muscles then tighten as the animal compensates and this can cause misalignments in the animal’s spine and pelvis. This is often seen as altered posture such as not being able to stand square, if ridden leaning on one rein or dog
s may sit or lie in one position.

By manipulating any misaligned joints throughout the whole body, with special attention to the spine and pelvis, McTimoney helps to restore full range of joint motion and relieve muscle spasm. It can also help to improve neurological (nerve) function. The problem areas are examined and treated by hand with very precise and rapid adjustments, which correct the misalignments.



 McTimoney Animal Association

 National Association of Veterinary Physiotherapists